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You've no time in your
Full-to-bursting schedule
For attention paid to my bluster
All the arms-flailing passion mustered
On a dimly-lit computer screen
My passions are spread thin
I'm defensive and hurling abuse
'Til the other is stung and subdued
It's not much that
I've asked of you
Moments for a song
Just a minute or two
Something worth sharing
More than just 'good'
A piece of music without which
I'd become unglued
A frantic phone call
When one's stomach growls
I ignore and it echoes thrice
You could be my greatest vice
Perhaps I've made
Your survival certain
So close to home
The most convenient person
Whenever need outweighs the means
Remember these verses
The meaning poured over
Remember my request
When you are showered with curses
As soon as my accelerated heart rate
Tumbles back down
I search for wallet and keys
To deliver and spend as you please
Any delicious impulse
To simply disregard
Is fleeting and lost on the wind
For you I will always bend
:iconcibbwin:Cibbwin 9 34
I Want to Be a Father
to talk to you
is to bring pain and longing
because when I talk to you
I want to be a father
have wanted children since I can remember
promised mother a son by next December
there's just the problem of my member
so many options available to me
in this gilded age of technology
but they all lack involvement
to talk to you
is to bring pain and longing
because when I talk to you
I want to be a father
an artificial pregnancy
the only way for me to have progeny
but that would mean nothing
but I'd never sleep with a woman
even drunk I'd be stumbling
but I need to be a father
adoption always an option
I never plan to marry though
and I don't want to raise alone
to talk to you
is to bring pain and longing
because when I talk to you
I want to be a father
oh girls, you've done this to me!
I know you're my daughters
not just my nieces, but I need more!
I need someone to share with
someone to pour my neurotic love on
to talk to you
is to bring pain and longing
because when I talk to you
I want to b
:iconcibbwin:Cibbwin 30 54
FFM16 The beginning of the end
A burnished, dying, gorgeous, storm moon now warns sleepy youth:  
Homeward depart!  Time emptily yearns, setting gelatinous snares.  Slumber removes such harmful lures.  Sleep prepares such heartsore errant knights.  Soldier rearm!  Make earnest trial.  Love embraces.  Soon new wonder rises.  Sun new woken nourishes sore-tired disciple.  Expect the eternal lover - returning god!  Do obeisance!  Even non-combatants serve;  even night turns subservient to obey your regal laws.  
Sadly youth halts, seeing great temptation.  Night takes such hesitancy.  Yearning, gilded, dew-drinking, go! Old, dying, grow white. Eaten now with hunger, rage, expect the everlasting greedy dark, knight that took knife-sharp pleasure, expecting glory.  Youth has supped.  Death now wash his soul.   
:iconsomnomollior:somnomollior 5 10
FFM Day 10 Microwaves
The day Rob decided to cook peas in the microwave was a sad day for the last of the race of Diggos from the planet Digoid.  They had arrived a week ago in their pod shaped space-craft, but had not yet awoken from their cryogenic slumber when Rob found the pod lying on his front lawn.  It felt cold, and he thought it must have fallen from his packet of frozen peas that he had recently bought at the supermarket.  He was a tight bastard and would always pick up dropped food rather than throw it away.  He took the pod in to his kitchen, opened it and added the tiny peas to the other peas that were waiting to be popped in to the microwave.  In to the microwave went the poor oblivious Diggos.  They were awakened from their sleep of aeons suddenly and to searing, bone disintegrating heat.  They were fortunately only conscious for a brief moment before they were thoroughly cooked.   This race had left their dy
:iconsomnomollior:somnomollior 1 10
Time Noir
city lights - sparks that fly off asphalt
of midsummer heat and humidity
after a third shower for the day,
I huddle in the open doorway
of a deli, partially hidden under
the striped awning, a neon sign
flickers in the display window,
the smell of warm pastrami on rye
entices passers-by to come in-
that's New York City for you;
the bustle of pedestrians racing
always against the signals, until
a cloudburst makes people gather,
temporary acquaintances in
every doorway while it comes down,
most will filter into the shop for
coffee and a blintz, or egg salad-
the street eerily bare at this moment
until a taxi pulls up and there you are,
wearing a summer trench that
falls open and collapses from the
vortex of your rush to get in-
hardly breathing, I watch in secret
as you bend low, rain beads from the
passing storm shimmer and hold fast
in your impeccably groomed hair,
I have the urge to join you, and
start to cross towards the curb
when a cop rushes up asking,
do I know what time it is-
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 15 63
Four on Black by watsup223 Four on Black :iconwatsup223:watsup223 22 5 still standing by the1deva still standing :iconthe1deva:the1deva 3 4
June 2010 Poetry Journal
   how quickly
a year slips by —
   precious moments
   a dogwood seed
drifts among cherry trees
   outsider —
   ragged clouds
wander in from the west
   not sure where to go
   dogwood seeds
fill the afternoon air
   catching some sun
   lingering sunbeams
warm the silent hallway
   a sleepy cat
   laid to rest
amid old leaves and new grass
   serene squirrel
:iconsaiun:saiun 7 9
The Venus de Milo had always seemed cold and hard to Vincenzo. He stood in the museum and stared at her fiercely and without love, daring her to be something more than she was.  After five minutes Vincenzo tried to turn away but he found that he could not move - not even an eyelid.  He was weighty as stone but he could still see the Venus de Milo before him.  She, on the other hand, had become pliant and mobile. Her curves now undulated, and she moved towards him with a smile on her wet and luscious lips.  The fact that she had no arms didn't matter at all.  She seduced him with her body, and Vincenzo would have been weak at the knees if they hadn't been turned to marble.
Then in a fictional flash all was as it had been before.  The statue was back on her plinth and Vincenzo's body was once more loose and flabby.  Inside, however, he was a new man, realising now the power of the goddess of love who, even without arms
:iconsomnomollior:somnomollior 3 10


Still Not Dead Yet

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 19, 2012, 11:39 AM
Well, the Doctor thinks it's stress which probably explains my complete lack of enthusiasm for anything at the moment. Currently trying to remove the largest sources of stress from my life at the moment so looking for a new job as that's by far the biggest.

Went out for the weekend with my camera just trying to take my mind off things. So here's some pictures of street art in Milton Keynes (Saturday) and the Red Kites of Princes Risborough (Sunday).

Oh yeah, and one picture of my brother's dog, Wally :)

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